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C1 Walden Purple Recognizes C1 WP Gold (Martha Martz   Apr 16)

My team and I would like to recognize the captains and members of the WP Gold team for both of the matches we played this season. The play was fun, fair and enjoyable for all of us. Collectively we were able to get all the girls onto the courts very timely and beat the rain (by mere minutes) the first time Purple and Gold played this season to avoid a rain make-up. The next go 'round we weren't so lucky with the rain, but the captains stayed in touch with me and made an informed decision before my girls and I headed down to the Woodlands. Once the decision was made, the scheduling of the rain make-up was so smooth and accommodating to all of the players that we were able to have all lines made-up by the middle of the following week! 

The best part for me was when I was watching the last match of the rain make-up and received a text from Gold's captain to check-in and see how the match was going as their team had just wrapped up their weekly drills. I let her know that it was a great match and that if they had the ability to come watch after drills, it would definitely be worth it! When texts are sent back and forth that contain both Purple and Gold hearts from both teams, you know we've come full-circle! I truly look forward to seeing these girls out on the court anytime the opportunity arises. :)

Best of luck to Gold on the rest of this season and seasons to come,

Julie Long

Captain Walden Purple

Recognition: Walden Orange Wende Whited, WP Aqua Wendy Lance and WP Bronze Anne Jones (Martha Martz   Mar 25)

I would like to recognize Walden Orange Wende Whited, WP Aqua Wendy Lance and WP Bronze Anne Jones for being very helpful and accommodating this spring season The rain make-ups have been a test of our patience. Together we saw it through. It's captains like this that make it easy for us all. Thank you ladies. Adda Cuthbert, WP Jade

WP A-1 Onyx Recognizes Bentwater A-1 (Martha Martz   Mar 20)

I would like to recognize Captain Terri Spieth from BW A1. Terri along with her teammates made life so easy to reschedule a rain make-up match. They should receive top marks in sportsmanship for applauding good tennis on both sides of the court! We look forward to playing our next match with such a fun group of ladies. Katie Gustafson, WP Onyx

B2 WP Magenta Recognizes AS Platinum (Martha Martz   Mar 11)

B2 WP Magenta recognizes AS Platinum for offering their covered courts for our scheduled home match! With all of the rain makeups, we were more than happy to head up to April Sound to get our match played. We so appreciate their willingness and hospitality booking the covered courts. They were a fun team to play and we look forward to the next time we play them! Thanks Peggy and Heidi!

WP Silver Recognizes A3d WP Fuchsia (Martha Martz   Feb 24)

WP Silver would like to recognize the A3 WP Fuchsia team, especially Kristi, Shelly and Kim. Wednesday 2/20 on our last rain make-up day, they not only brought food and drinks to share for only one line, they also spent 3 hours drying and cleaning the wet court. Thanks to them, we were able to finish the final make-up line. Marcela Becerra

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On behalf of NCWTL, heartfelt sympathies are extended to the families and teams with the loss of our North Country friends.

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Team Points Weeks
Woodlands CC Blue 333 11/12
WP White [Cranebrook] 275 11/12
WP Titanium [Forestgate/Falconwing] 242 10/12
WP Navy [Sawmill] 219 11/12
Walden Blue 151 10/12
WP Teal [Windvale] 143 11/12
Woodlands CC Purple* 86 12/12
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Week 14
Apr 23 - Apr 29, 2019
  Walden Blue
WP Teal [Windvale]

  WP Navy [Sawmill]
Woodlands CC Purple*

  WP White [Cranebrook]
WP Titanium [Forestga...g]

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